Family adopts 7 biological siblings: ‘I knew they were my kids the first time we met’

Image by Jessaka Clark via Facebook

Georgia, USA  –  The more, the merrier!

A family of three became a family of ten after mom and dad adopted seven siblings. Yes, 7!

Josh Clark, 29, and his wife, Jessaka Clark, 25, already have a biological child, three-year-old, Noah, when they decided to adopt.

The four sisters and three brothers, affectionately known as the super 7, had been in the foster system for more than three years. Now they have a new place to call home.

“We had the opportunity to give the kids a loving home to be a part of and have value when we met the seven, the Super 7, and important to keep them together,” Josh Clark told WTOC.

“They were my kids from the first time we met,” Jessaka Clark told Inside Edition. “It’s nice to have the finality of it and the kids definitely feel a huge difference because they know that this is it — it’s permanent.”

Her Super 7 is now the great 8 with Maria, 14; Elizabeth, 11; Guillermo, 10; Jason, 8; Kristina, 7; Katerin, 7; and James, 5, who are all biologically related.

She and her husband had known from the beginning of their marriage that they wanted to adopt when they were told that they can’t have children of their own, but seven months later, their family was blessed with the pregnancy of their son, Noah.

Jessaka said the benefits of a big family greatly paid off.

“It’s just brought this whole level of fun and adventure in our lives,” she explained. “The most rewarding has just been the love in the house [and sharing] our home with these kids who are incredibly smart. They’re so beautiful. They’re so sweet. They are crazy. They are loud. They are fun.”