June 22, 2018

Family claims to be living a nightmare due to a possessed doll named Sarita

Image by CEN/De Pelicula TV

A family claims that they are being terrorized by a demon doll possessed by an evil spirit who wants to hurt them.

The Nunez family who were featured on Peruvian TV said the troublemaking doll named Sarita strangely moves around their house; causing bizarre paranormal activity.

Despite the doll’s angelic, innocent looks, the mother, Ivonne is convinced it is “cursed” or something evil is inside it and it is persistently trying to destroy their family.

They claim to see strange lights and weird noises, like voices, thuds and scratching in their home in the city of El Callao, Peru.

The doll’s reign of terror allegedly started seven years ago; moves around the house when the family members are asleep, says the concerned mother of three.

Sarita, who social media users have stigmatized as the ‘Peruvian Annabelle’ after the Hollywood horror movie, also makes “praying” noises without anyone touching her.

The family’s three children claim to hear strange noises and scratching sounds around the house.

Ivonne’s eldest child, Angie, 20, says she hears weird noises in the d**d of the night, such as someone knocking on the door or the wardrobe.

She said: “Every night I feel as though somebody is looking at me from the corner of the room.”

Her younger brother, Steven, 18, claims he wakes up with unexplained marks and bruises on his body.

“Last week I woke up with scratches on my neck and on my back”, he said.

The family decided to consult a paranormal investigator, a so-called ‘expert,’ Soralla de los Angeles, to unravel the mysterious case.

Freelance paranormal expert Soralla de los Angeles, said the doll had an evil presence within it; without receiving any info from the family about the doll.

Soralla performed a ritual around the house and claimed to have detected a presence of a woman, in some place in one of the rooms.

Ivonne is convinced the ghost is her sister-in-law, who k****d herself in the exact spot.

“Ghost case” solver Soralla also said that she felt an evil presence inside the doll that wants to hurt the family before cleansing the home in an attempt to banish the bad spirits.

She did a cleansing ritual to protect the house from evil spirits and left seven candles in the living room.

Is someone pranking the family? Is it just one of their family members? Is it just a publicity stunt? The doll may be designed to talk if pressed on the chest, and they claim it “prays” without anyone touching it, maybe it’s just broken circuitry?

In the world today, people are more open-minded to possibilities; people also tend to be wiser, not to immediately believe in claims as science seem to solve facts that were once mysteries. But it is also a fact that there are age-old mysteries that even science can’t explain…yet.

Present technology also offers CCTV footage to capture the ‘real deal’ if it is indeed the doll who is making the strange noises when they’re all asleep.

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