Fans are excited over GMA HOA’s franchise of thriller KDrama ‘Innocent Defendant’; to air next month

Korean Drama fans in the Philippines expressed their excitement after GMA Network’s Heart of Asia successfully franchised the hit thriller Innocent Defendant fresh from Korea.

More good news followed after it was announced on the released trailer that the show will be aired next month; that’s about three months after the series ended in Korea on March 21st.

According to Mayet A., “Nice choice GMA  mga kababayan ko Ganda ng series na yan as in super  guarantee na yan si Ji Sung best actor yan… panoorin nyo di kayo magsisi.”

[Nice choice GMA. Countrymen, the series is good as in super and guaranteed. Ji Sung is best actor. Watch and you’ll never regret.]

FB commenter John Z. posted, “Maganda story nyan.. I’ve already done with it… The story is something… “Ano nga ba ang gagawin mo kung pag gising mo eh nasa kulungan ka na at nahaharap ka sa sintensyang KAMATAYAN dahil sa pagpatay mo sa asawa mo? Pero wala kang kahit anong maalala?” Panoorin nyo maganda yan”

[The series is good. I’m already done with it. The story is something … “What do you do if you wake up in prison and you’re facing d***h penalty for killing your wife? But you do not remember anything? ” Watch it.]

Cha Cha said, “Thank u HOA kala ko matatagalan pa bago nyo ipalabas to inaabangan ko talaga to kahit napanood ko na.. Sobrang ganda neto..”

[Thank you HOA, I thought it would take time before you air the series. I really look forward even if I already watched it. This series is great.]

Another comment from a netizen named Marie H. said GMA has never failed to amaze her.

The story of the KDrama, as disclosed in a Wikipedia article, is about a prosecutor named Park Jung-woo who one day woke up and found himself a convict on d***h row.

Jung-woo suffered from temporary amnesia and has no idea what led him to prison; he struggles to recover his memory and clear his name.

The series was a top-rater in Korea with a rating that exceeds 30% for its finale episode as per TNmS ratings in Seoul National Capital Area.

Here’s a peek: