First Filipina Mayor elected in California’s Sierra Madre City

Image capture of video via Balitang America

SIERRA MADRE, CA — A Filipina official was elected to take charge as Mayor in the small mountain town of Sierra Madre. As mayor of a town with 11,000 people, 9% of whom are Asian, the new mayor now hopes to continue making Sierra Madre a safe and friendly small town.

Three years ago, on Sierra Madre City Council Chambers, Fil-Am Rachelle Pastor Arizmendi made history as she was the first minority to be elected to the city council.

Now, she’s making history again as Arizmendi is the new mayor of the mountain side town in Southern California after their re-organization.

 “It really is something to be humbled about, something to be honored about, that residents of Sierra Madre have enough faith in me to take this position,”Arizmendi said.

“It’s a badge of honor, at the same time it’s a responsibility — so I’m going to do my best to represent the Filipinos, whether it’s in our city or California or throughout the United States,” she added; taking pride as she was also the first ever member of the minority to become the city’s mayor.

For the past three years, she’s been part of a growing city that has been increasing their city staff and public safety personnel, while solving the issues about drought.

“It has been a team approach,” she shared. “The city councils worked really hard on addressing issues like the water. We’re out of the drought; the fact we did not have our own water system, we had to import our own water… being able getting to a level that’s of quality that’s good for our residents is probably was one of our biggest accomplishments.”

Arizmendi will be up for re-election next year.

More so, another Filipino, Bob Sampayan is currently the mayor of Vallejos, CA.

Way to go, Filipino folks! We are so proud of you!