For vengeance and family, a ‘junior’ claims having no regrets for what he did to his father’s murderer

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AlBAY  —  Two men were k****d in what seemed to be all about revenge in Sitio Kadlom, Barangay Basicao Coastal, Pio Duran on Thursday.

The start of the fight? The ever reputed ‘sayawan sa plaza’ that Filipinos are familiar with in barrios. Apparently, the two men had an argument in the area, both were drunk, and one of them got hurt; literally scratched by the other. One of the men left and came back with a ‘deadly’ weapon for revenge.

Manuel Patiam, 62, died of a fatal wound on the body after he was slashed by an “itak”. or a Philippine machete. by Dominador Pautan at around 5 in the morning.

Pautan immediately surrendered to the authorities in the area, but little did he know that his victim’s son, Manuel Patiam Jr., together with his cousin Marjel Rivera, was waiting for him along the way with their dark intention.

The cousins struck and slashed Pautan many times; each with an ‘itak’ in their hands.

The severity of the damage left Pautan’s body into a gore scene as some of his body parts were falling apart and mutilated.

Deputy Chief of Pio Duran Philippine National Police Insp. Darwin Sevilla said in a statement: “Ang nangyari po nito, nung gabi. Bali nagka-anohan sa sayawan si Manuel Patiam tapos si Dominador, nagkainitan siguro sa sayawan. Then nakainom ‘to si Dominador Pautan, hindi na siguro maatim na may… ‘yung ginawa sa kanya parang may kalmot na nasaktan din, bumawi.”

According to Manuel Jr., he has no regrets for what he has done and he is ready to face any consequence or case to be filed against him.

He said: “Hindi ko naman dapat ‘yun pagsisihan kasi talagang sinadya kong ginawa ‘yun kasi tatay ko ‘yung pinatay niya eh. Kaya dapat lang na tumabla sila.”

A murder case will be charged against the cousins Patiam and Rivera.

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