Giant mysterious sea creature washes up on Indonesian beach, and this is what experts said it could be

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A giant sea creature that got washed up on Hulung Beach on the westside of Serum Island in the Maluku province of Indonesia has continue to baffle villagers.

But that could be the least of their problem as the colossal carcass has disintegrated and emits a foul smell.

They have already sought the help of the local government to dispose of the creature’s body but some tourists continued to flock to the area to get a glimpse of the mysterious sea monster.

It was discovered by a 37-year-old local fisherman Asrul Tuanakota and immediately mistook it for a stranded boat. However, after taking a closer look, he decided it could be a giant squid because of the tentacles.

Others who trooped to the site of the decomposing carcass believed it is a humpback whale.

The creature measured about 15 meters in length. It has been on the shore for more than three days and its skin has started discoloring while the waters around it were tainted red.

Marine scientist have visited the remains of the creature and have taken samples to study and identify the creature.

Meanwhile, Alexander Werth, a whale biologist at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia, and George Leonard, chief scientist at the Ocean Conservancy, both believe it could be a baleen whale.

Werth and Leonard are convinced that the bones protruding from the mass of rotting flesh, and the feeding plates from the its mouth that it used to filter foods, are characteristics of a baleen whale.

The ‘tentacles’ the locals saw could be made from fatty blubber torn into strips by sharks, they said.

The most likely reason why it floats is that the body may have been filled with gases as it decomposes.

Early this year, a huge sea creatures also washed up on the Philippine shore that was later identified as a whale.

Meanwhile, Fox News shared a raw video:

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