A heavenly photo that’s bringing comfort to the families of fatal car crash victims

Image by Frank Niles via Facebook

Georgia, USA  –  Anisa Gannon was on her way to work when she got stuck in a bad traffic from a fatal accident up ahead. So she quickly took a photo of the traffic so she could show to her boss why she was late. But she never knew that her quick snap would not only reach her boss but online readers as well.

Hannah Simmons, 23, her nine-month-old baby A’lannah, and her friend Lauren Buteu, 28, were all k****d in a car crash on Georgia’s Route 347.

Simmons lost control of her car and hit another vehicle. The crashed caused a traffic jam and Gannon found herself stranded as she drove to work.

Gannon’s photo shows a ray of light beaming down on the crash scene and her Aunt Tara Noble said she was shocked to see the seemingly celestial apparition.

The families of the victims say the picture has given them hope.

“Oh my gosh, it’s a pathway to heaven,” Noble said.

And it sure looks like one.

Chances are the photo is doing a lot than just saving Gannon’s job as it quickly went viral. Whether you believe in this kind of signs or you quickly dismiss them as only a camera glitch or a car flare somewhere, it’s undeniably a beautiful image filled with wonder.