Help pours in for this rickshaw driver with paralyzed wife because of this powerful photo that went viral

Image from Vinod Capri's Twitter post

Another proof how the internet could dramatically change one’s life.

The man in the photo is 26-year-old Mohammad Saeed, a rickshaw driver in Mumbai, India. His wife, Yazmin, 24, suffered a stroke and was left paralyzed; leaving him to take care of their family and their two children single-handedly.

Struggling to make both ends meet, he had to bring his son while driving the rickshaw round-the-clock around Mumbai while their 3-year-old daughter is left in the care of a neighbor.

“This has been a difficult phase for us. Several times, potential customers have taken another auto rickshaw after seeing my son on my lap. We have slept with our stomachs empty because I have either come home empty-handed or did not have enough money to sustain my family,” Saeed told the Hindustan Times.

It was in that heartbreaking scene that film director Vinod Capri spotted them, took a snap and uploaded it on Twitter with the caption: “Ths is heartbreaking. met Md.Saeed(9702098346) 2day in mumbai. Wife paralysed. Nobody to take care of his son. still fighting & driving auto”.

Netizens were moved by the father’s sad plight and help starts pouring in. Some have offered to babysit the couple’s children, too.

“I received some money. I don’t know how much it is; I will go to the bank and check. I also received countless calls from people who want to donate and help. Doctors have said they will treat my wife for free,” Saeed said.

Grateful for and overwhelmed by the generosity their family received, Saeed said he always have faith in Mumbai and its people.

“I have always done the right work and never cheated anyone. I thank everyone who offered to help me,” he added.

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