High school students scream in agony after volunteering to be pepper sprayed for a Science project

Image by Crave Online

Ohio, USA  –  For most students, Science experiments at school consist of dissecting frogs or combining inks to form another color or some other usual stuff.

But for these students from Barberton High School, it was a completely different story.

Barberton High School is under fire after a group of students agreed to be pepper sprayed for the purpose of education.

At Barberton High School students studying criminal science technology decided to see what it was like to have themselves pepper sprayed as part of a class project. Under police supervision, a group of at least 20 students lined up against the wall and each was pepper sprayed.

According to News5Cleveland, “the students and their parents had to consent and sign a waiver.”

Video of the experience was shared on YouTube. It shows the instructor going one-by-one down the line. Just seconds later, the pain sets in and students start screaming.