Hilarious! These teachers were sanctioned for tardiness; made to sit in front of students

Iamges from Azman Ar's Facebook post

Every school in the world have their corresponding punishments for late and tardy students. But only a few, perhaps, are punishing teachers for the same offense.

This school in Malaysia has to apply the same rules on three teachers for coming late on a Teachers’ Day celebration.

A Facebook post by Malaysian netizen Azman Ar on May 17 said the school decided to lock the gates for late-comers after the celebration started, so the teachers had to jump over the fence just to get in.

Just when they thought everything’s going to be alright, a discipline teacher met them as they were crossing the campus in haste. Apparently, there’s more for them in store.

The netizen said the teachers were made to sit in front of the students for the duration of the entire celebration, although they didn’t seem to mind at all. Photos even showed they were smiling after making their jump over the fence; probably making them recall their younger days?

The hilarious photos of the teachers’ misadventures have been uploaded on Facebook and has gone viral on Malaysian social media.

Amused netizens, however, praised them for being good sports.