La Salle prof Antonio Contreras slams CA for delaying Taguiwalo’s confirmation

Image from Business World Online

MANILA, Philippines  –  La Salle professor and lawyer Antonio Contreras has slammed the ‘politics’ behind the repeated delay in the confirmation of Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Judy Taguiwalo.

Contreras said he could not see the justification why Taguiwalo’s appointment had to be moved again at a later date while incoming Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano got his in under 5 minutes.

“I could not settle with accepting the notion that this is just politics as usual when they refuse to confirm Judy Taguiwalo. Not when we rail at the same politics as usual of the yellows, and condemn to high heavens the wheelings and dealings in PDAF and in the MRT. Not when we celebrate a Presidency that promised change,” wrote Contreras on his Facebook.

“The ease by which Alan Cayetano got confirmed, when objectively he has zero experience as a diplomat, when contrasted to the qualifications of Judy Taguiwalo, makes me erupt in rage,” he said.

Taguiwalo herself took to Facebook to express her own disappointment with the CA’s decision to move her confirmation hearing at a later date.

The DSWD chief said it is not clear to her why the CA continues to delay process, but what is clear, however, is that it has become a torture on her part.

“This is a form of torture that I am being subjected to by the CA and its members. I am very willing to submit to their questioning and answer all of them,” said Taguiwalo.

But Contreras believes there is a reason and it has something to do with the PDAF.

“Judy is being punished for refusing to legitimize the remnants of the PDAF and use DSWD as the conduit for a kind of patronage that has since been ruled as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court,” he said.