Man arrested for beheading own sister in public in Taiwan

Image from Huanqiu via Shanghaiist

A man in Taiwan has been arrested for beheading his own sister in public view on Thursday, May 18, in a bizarre crime that shocked the generally peaceful island-state.

The horrifying incident happened IN southern Kaohsiung city. The man was later arrested by police.

According to Channel News Asia, the suspect and the victim, who was mentally ill, had an argument.

“She was supposed to go to the hospital this morning and they quarreled when she refused. Lin then attacked her with a kitchen knife and severed her neck,” an investigating officer was quoted as saying.

Neighbors told the police the 54-year-old suspect had been taking care of his 52-year-old sister. They were both unmarried and were living together in the same house.

After a quarrel on Thursday, the man grabbed a kitchen knife and decapitated his sister before the horrified neighbors.

Witnesses to the incident said the woman was seen on her knees and begging for her life before her severed head was found on the street.

The man has since been arrested by police.

The horrible crime came just weeks after a schizophrenic man named Wang Ching-yu was sentenced to life in prison for decapitating a three-year-old girl near a metros station in Taipei in 2016.

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