Netizen shares scary story about Uberpool driver who allegedly harassed her and won’t let her get out of the car

Image from Ally Daff Facebook post

A netizen shared her scary experience with an Uberpool driver who tried to sexually harass her and even tried to prevent her from getting off the car.

In a Facebook post, Ally Daff, 24, narrated she boarded an Uberpool ride last May 17, from Sta. Mesa in Manila to MOA in Pasay City. The fare was only P131 and she believes it was a fair deal.

As per her narration, she woke up late around 10:45 pm and booked a ‘shared ride’ at 11:00 pm.

Upon boarding the car, she felt something odd with the driver whom she identified in her post as Ivan Aaron Buenafe. She wasn’t wrong.

According to Daff, the driver immediately started a conversation. He was acting friendly and tried to hold her hand when she was about to reach for the seatbelt. At that point, fear had started to set in.

Then the driver started complimenting her for being cute and beautiful despite her introducing herself as a married woman with one child. He also started asking some personal questions which made Daff even more uncomfortable.

When two more passengers boarded, she looked for a chance to tell them she will be coming down too, but she couldn’t, because the driver was watching her every move.

He then started caressing her hands and her hair, and asked her to go on and sleep.

After the two passengers alighted, the driver became more aggressive; forcing his face into hers. Daff said she started crying, but he wouldn’t stop and continued touching her hands and face.

When they finally reached her destination, the driver refused to allow her to get off and he even locked the door. Scared and in tears, she repeatedly begged him to let her go until he finally relented.

Daff posted a photo of the supposedly abusive driver, Ivan Aaron Buenafe, but didn’t say whether she’s pressing charges.

She said she shared her story on Facebook to serve as a warning for other women. Her story has gone viral with more than 5,000 shares and over 7,000 reactions.

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