Photographer hired to shoot a couple’s proposal accidentally captures a different couple’s engagement

Images form JP Photography

A photographer has narrated on Facebook his funny experience with a man who hired him to secretly capture his marriage proposal to his girlfriend.

The fiancé from Wisconsin contacted Jacob Peters of JP Photography sometime last week. The man wanted JP to capture his proposal to his girlfriend on Hawksbill Crag at sunrise. Apparently, he wanted to surprise the girl with the photo later.

JP woke up at 2:30 am and set out very early the next day to Whitaker’s Point and arrived there at 4:45 am. After nearly getting lost, he finally found the spot just before 6 am.

About 15 minutes later, a couple arrived and JP said it would be them. He’s sure of it, he said.

The couple climbed up to Hawksbill Crag and JP started shooting them from his spot. He watched the dramatic scenes unfold before his eyes – the man kneeling behind the woman, pulling a ring, then she turns around and hug him while in tears.

“It’s obvious she said yes and all went well,” JP wrote.

After sticking around for 10-15 minutes taking photos of the couple, JP felt the need to leave as his job is done; leaving his ‘clients’ behind watching the beautiful sunrise.

Image from JP Photography Facebook page

He arrived home around 9 am and texted the man with congratulations; saying the photos are beautiful, before taking a nap.

However, he woke up and read the reply, saying: “I’m confused, we never saw you and we got there a little late, are you sure it was us? I was in a blue plaid shirt…”

Apparently, JP took photos of a wrong couple.

“So basically I spent 6 and half hours, 40$ in gas and food, 450 photos, and took the wrong couple’s photos,” JP said.

JP then posted the photos of the ‘wrong couple’ on Facebook to search for them.

And as expected, with the magic of social media, he finally found them and gave the couple their photos.

Overall, it’s kind of amazing that this happened.