Plane crashes near an airport in New Jersey, 2 people killed

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  • A plane crashed into a neighborhood near an airport in New Jersey
  • The captain and the co-pilot were reportedly killed but there were no other casualties
  • Authorities have closed down the airport pending investigation

Two people were killed after a Learjet 35 crashed into a neighborhood on Monday after near the Teterboro Airport in New Jersey.

The Federal Aviation Authority has confirmed the pilot and the co-pilot of twin-turbo aircraft were killed after their aircraft went down while approaching the Teterboro Runway 1 around 3:30 pm local time.

The ill-fated plane hit the ground near the Kero and Commerce roads in Carlstadt, just about a half mile from the runway, before bursting into a ball of flame.

No passengers were aboard the plane which was on its way to Philadelphia International Airport when the accident happened. No reports of casualties on the ground have been reported, so far.

A witness told New York Post he heard the noise but thought it was normal as planes have been flying everyday in the area. However, it became evident that something was wrong when the noise became louder and closer.

“I looked up and the plane was going right over my head sideways. He was already sideways and then all of a sudden he clipped the building and crashed right into the parking lot,” said Alexander Lawrence who works at the Pioneer Industries which is very close to the crash site.

“Then I heard a big explosion. I said a prayer because I knew there weren’t going to be survivors,” he said.

The authorities have yet to release the names of the pilot and the co-pilot pending investigation as to what could have caused the crash.

The Teterboro Airport has been closed down for a few hours and all flights were cancelled until further notice.


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