Prison break fail: Inmate disguised as a woman later busted by guards after speaking in a husky, male voice

Image by Matt Roper Brazil

A prisoner attempted to break out of a maximum security jail dressed as a woman with fake breasts and a blonde wig, but was caught after jail guards noticed he was walking funny in his high heels and the end-gamer man’s voice.

55-year-old Francisco Herrera Argueta, a gang leader a.k.a Don Chico, disguised as a woman as he attempted to leave the jail premises along with other inmates’ families after visiting hours.

He pretended to be a female visitor to the jail who left his identity card with the guards using the name Jacinta Elvira Araujo, as “she” entered the prison in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, on Sunday afternoon.

But despite his perfect disguise, complete with blusher and pink painted nails, Herrera apparently forgot to speak like a woman when it was his turn to pick up the identity card at the jail exit so he could leave.

Police spokesman Bayron Sauceda said officers had already noticed the woman’s “funny walk” as Herrera struggled to walk on high heels, but still managed to pass through several security filters on his way to the exit.

Then when a guard at the prison gate asked the visitor for her identity card number, the lady spoke with a husky, throaty male voice.

Herrera was finally unmasked when the guard asked the lady to take off her dark glasses so he could verify her identity photo.

Prison officials said as a consequence for his failed jailbreak, he could be transferred to the notorious El Pozo Jail in Santa Barbara, known as Honduras’ most dangerous prison.

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