Really? Malaysian girl ‘obsessed’ with man offers HIS girlfriend RM1-million to break up with him

Images from World of Buzz

Some women would really go to extreme lengths just to get what they want; even if they have to step on some other’s toes.

This Malaysian girl probably belongs to this pack. She has become obsessed with a man, and in desperation, offered his girlfriend 1-million Malaysian Ringgit ($230,490) just for her to break up with him.

The strange but true story was told in an article on website World of Buzz as per the account of the man’s girlfriend, Joey Tan.

The girl, named Jocye Lee (yes, it’s Jocye), was allegedly obsessed with Joey Tan’s boyfriend Danny that she kept sending him salacious messages and photos.

“As a boyfriend or girlfriend, if you meet this kind of woman, what would you do? The girlfriend has sacrificed a lot for the boyfriend, and she loves him very much. The situation is not like what the woman claims. She also tried to make it seem like the girlfriend was materialistic by twisting her words!” Joey wrote on her social media account.

Jocye supposedly kept badgering Danny almost on a daily basis with messages on Facebook, sharing her daily activities with him despite not getting any replies. She would call him ‘My Love”, ‘Hubby’ and any other terms of endearment; but the man just ignored her messages.

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