Reporter chokes on a bug during a Live Coverage!

Image capture of video by Joe Rodriguez via YouTube

Texas, USA  –  Going live as a reporter gives the audience material that are unfiltered and in real time. But award-winning sports reporter Michael Eaves gave his audience so much more than unfiltered material.

Michael Eaves, a reporter for SportCenter, was reporting on a basketball match when he suddenly began having difficulty speaking.

Eaves was seen visibly uncomfortable but he tried to keep going with his report but soon began coughing and admitting on live tv that he had swallowed a bug.

“I’m literally choking on a bug, Lisa. Can you believe that?” Mr Eaves asks the anchor in the studio, Lisa Kerney. “National television. I’m choking on a bug.”

Eaves and ESPN anchor Lisa Kerney, who was communicating with him from the studio, both laughed during the incident, as Kerney told the “waterboys” that “my man Michael Eaves needs some water right now.”

After the game, Eaves and Kerney shared a moment on Twitter so the rest of us could enjoy.