Singapore ‘giant vending machine’ dispenses luxury cars

Image capture from video by Autobahn

Singapore is home to some of the world’s first and some of the world’s best. It has also earned the reputation for its high cost of living.

Being a small state, geographically speaking, creating a gigantic vending machine for cars that rises upward could be an excellent idea.

But this vending machine located on a futuristic 15-story building is dispensing not just ordinary cars but the likes of Bentleys, Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

The amazing facility has just been recently opened and currently managed by used car company Autobahn Motors.

Autobahn General Manager Gary Hong said the vending machine format was borne out of necessity for such a small country with very limited real estate space. At the same time, Hong added, they would want to stand out from the stiff competition in the car retail industry.

“We needed to meet our requirement of storing a lot of cars. At the same time, we wanted to be creative and innovative,” he said in an interview with Reuters.

As explained by the company, the customer can choose from the catalogue of units on a touchscreen display on the ground floor which car they would want to check. The unit will be down in just two minutes.

Classic and vintage cars were also on display including a 1955 Morgan Plus 4.

However, this is not the first car vending machine in the world as U.S. company Carvana has also the same system. The first of its four branches opened in 2015 while the latest opened last March in Texas.