Teen designs bra that can detect early signs of breast c****r, wins $20,000

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An 18-year-old student has won the grand prize at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) with his invention that could help women detect early signs of breast c****r.

Julian Rios Cantu designed a bra known as EVA with the help of three other friends through his company Higia Technologies. The bra was designed primarily for women with predisposition to breast c****r.

He said he was inspired by his mother’s battle with the disease and whose breasts have been both removed.

The bra is equipped with more than 200 biosensors which map the surface of the breast and has the ability to monitor the changes in temperature, shape and weight.

These data are then relayed to a computer or Smartphone app using Bluetooth where it will be processed by a neural network.

The changes in the blood flow often suggests that blood is feeding c****r cells and this can be detected by heat sensors.

“If we see a persistent change, we will recommend that you go to the doctor,” said Cantu.

On why they chose bra, the student explained: “Because it allows us to keep the breasts in the same position and it doesn’t have to be used more than one hour every week.”

Cantu and his friends won $20,000 for the invention, and his company said it is “devoted to boosting women’s quality of life by attaining a professionalization of the self exploration method for the early and effective detection of breast c****r”.

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