The alleged assassination attempt on Kim Jong-un’s life a “declaration of war”, says North Korea; vows to retaliate against U.S. and South Korea

Image by Mirror, scmp

North Korea has accused the US and South Korea of trying to k**l Kim Jong-un with a “bio-chemical substance.” The aim was to k**l the young leader during a public ceremonial event in Pyongyang, the government said in a statement carried by state media KCNA (Korean Central News Agency).

In an extensive report made on Friday, which offered no evidence, North Korean state news agency KCNA said a “hideous terrorist group” conspired with the CIA and South Korea’s Intelligence Service (IS) to mount the assassination attempt.

The report claimed a North Korean citizen working abroad was involved in the plot, infiltrated their country, and by using “biochemical substances including radioactive substance and nano poisonous substance” to target Kim.

The report also claimed foreign agents “corrupted the mind” of that citizen and trained him to use deadly poisons.

North Korea said the plan was to k**l Kim during a recent parade in Pyongyang.

According to a report by The Sun, North Korea vowed to retaliate against Seoul and Washington; branding the supposed attempt on the leader’s life a “declaration of war”.

The government promised to “ferret out” and “mercilessly destroy” spies in the country.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration has not ruled out a military strike against North Korea’s missile program but says it wants to tighten sanctions against the regime and is even prepared to negotiate in the right circumstances.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told ABC last month that he was “not aware” of any plans to assassinate Kim.

Last week, however, Ohio Gov. John Kasich told reporters that the best way to solve the North Korea problem was to “eradicate the leadership.”

On a related and ironic topic, Kim’s half-brother Kim Jong-nam was assassinated using a deadly nerve agent in February 2017. Two women smeared a deadly substance on his face at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, and he died within 20 minutes.