The World’s Unluckiest: This house in China has been crashed into by cars 48 times in a year

Image from China Youth Daily
  • A house in China has witnessed 48 cars crashing into their yard or into their house in a year
  • The problem started when a highway was built in the area
  • The house was located at the sharp 90-degree turn of the road
  • The big yellow sign that says “Slow Down” didn’t help to solve the problem

This house in China could go down in history for being in the world’s unluckiest location. Proof of this unpleasant reputation is it being a witness to 48 car crashes in just a year.

Some of these accidents have vehicles crashing into their yard and others slamming into the house itself.

The owner, 29-year-old Xu Renxiang, had been badgering the local government with complaints to do something about it, but was only offered another location for their house to be built.

Image from China Youth Daily

Besides, local officials insisted the road could not be blamed for the series of mishaps but the drivers themselves.

As mentioned in a Shanghaiist story, the trouble started when a highway was built in front of the house. Unfortunately, the house was located at the corner of the road’s sharp 90-degree turn.

There’s a big yellow sign saying ‘Slow Down’ at the corner approach but this was obviously of very little help. The accidents just keep on occurring.

Despite the danger, Mr. Xu said he isn’t ready to give up the property despite an offer of compensation from the government to relocate at a less dangerous neighborhood.