Tycoon offers $1.4-M to beat ‘arrogant’ MMA fighter who clobbered Tai Chi master

Images from Next Shark

For supposedly provoking Chinese traditional culture, a tycoon has come forward with an offer for anyone who can defeat the Mixed Martial Art (MMA) fighter who pummeled a Tai Chi master into submission in less than 10 seconds.

The Star said Chinese multi-millionaire Chen Sheng will set aside $1.4-M (10-M Chinese Yuan) for five separate matches against Xu Xiaodong; the MMA fighter who clobbered Tai Chi master Wei Lei held in Chengdu, Sichuan province.

The video of the match has gone viral on the internet and Xu has been criticized heavily for dismissing Chinese martial arts as fake.

“I crack down on fake things, because they are fake. Fake things must be eliminated. No question,” said Xu who was nicknamed “Madman” by his fans and once trained in kung fu free combat.

Xu became even more popular, and hated, after he challenged all the martial artist practitioners in China. He even bragged about taking on two to three fighters at the same time.

His challenge did not come unheeded as several martial arts masters have taken up the call, including tai chi masters Lu Xing and Wang Zhanhai; Shaolin Chinese boxer Li Shangxian, and Yi Long, a monk and renowned martial artist, according to The Star.

Meanwhile, Chen Sheng, referring to his offer, said each winner of the four bouts will take US$218,000 while the loser will get $72,400.

“I want him to understand, he used this kind of extreme method to provoke Chinese traditional culture, and will need to pay the price,” Chen said of Xu. “From what I can see, Chinese martial arts has a long history.”

“Tai chi is used more for exercise and self-cultivation. Many of my friends practice it, and China has millions of tai chi aficionados. Are they saying all of this is false?” the wealthy tycoon added.

Here’s the viral video of the controversial fight between Xu and Wei Lei: