[Video] Amazing! 101-year-old becomes the world’s oldest skydiver in the world

Image capture of video by Skydive Buzz via YouTube

Devon, United Kingdom   –   Being a thrill seeker doesn’t have an age limit!

A 101-year-old man has set a world record for being the oldest skydiver, according to Skydive Buzz.

Bryson William Verdun Hayes, from Devon, United Kingdom, took to the skies with ten members of his family.

Hayes completed the record-breaking tandem parachute jump Sunday. He skydived for the very first time a year ago for his 100th Birthday.

“Last year’s skydive was an amazing experience,” he said in a press statement. “I must have got a bit of a taste for it, because it just made me want to do it again.”

Guinness World Records says the record for the oldest man to make a tandem parachute jump was set by Armand Gendreau in 2014, at the age of 101 years and 3 days. Hayes was 101 years and 38 days when he performed the jump.

Guinness has not yet confirmed that Hayes set a record. “We are aware of the attempt and we are awaiting evidence,” a spokeswoman for the company told NPR.

Hayes was raising money for The Royal British Legion; a UK charity that supports members of the armed forces, veterans and their families. He has raised over £2,400 ($3,100) so far.

“He would class himself as a bit of a daredevil,” Hayes’ grandson-in-law, Ian Honnor, told CNN. “It wouldn’t surprise me if he does it again in a year’s time. And he’s also talking about wing walking. So I’ll now be looking into that to see if it’s medically possible.”

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