[VIDEO] Raffy Tulfo Walks Out in the Middle of this Heart-breaking Mother-Son Confrontation

Image captured from Facebook video via Raffy Tulfo in Action

Raffy Tulfo is known for being firm and tough – and not a lot of people know about his soft side, most especially when talking about his family.

In his show, “Raffy Tulfo in Action”, we saw the softer side of the tough Tulfo brother, who had a chance to meet a mother asking for her son to return home after an intense fight.

Ewu Joseph Kenneth Dingal, 20, was asked to leave from their rented apartment after tenants complained of his attitude against his mother. His mother, Edna Dingal, went to Raffy Tulfo in the hopes of talking to her son. Tulfo called her son who was too hard-hearted; even refusing to acknowledging that Edna is his mother. Edna still asked forgiveness from her son, so that she can explain what really transpired when she was not able to “take care of her son” while she worked as an OFW.

What Ewu Joseph did not know is that she couldn’t go back to the Philippines when Joseph got sick, because her passport was taken by the agency. When asked why he holds a grudge against his mother, the son said “she wasn’t there when he needed her, especially when he got sick.” While Raffy helped Edna talk to her son, it became apparent that Joseph was stubborn and with the tone of his voice and the words he used, he certainly didn’t sound open for a reconciliation. He even hung up the phone on his mother.

Edna kept on crying and Raffy couldn’t help but feel emotional as he had wanted to help Edna solve their family problem. Looks like there was nothing he could do.

Watch the video below:

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