[Watch] Fight breaks out between nurses inside operating room while surgery was in progress

Image capture of video by Next Shark via You Tube

It is probably a good thing that the patient was unconscious in this case; otherwise, he or she would have died before the surgery was over.

A viral video on Chinese social media showed two medical staff turning an operating room into a boxing ring, but with gloves that is most likely to be rejected by any boxing body.

The incident reportedly took place inside a surgery room of a medical facility in Lankao County, Henan Province in China. The clip showed two medical staff getting into a verbal argument that quickly escalated into a fistfight.

In the video, two staff is seen in a heated exchange over still unknown reason. It is understood that both of them are nurses assisting a surgeon.

One of the men threw a pair of gloves into the other; prompting the latter to retaliate with a jab to the face. But the other was probably expecting the attack and launched a barrage of punches until the first attacker lost his footing and was knocked down to the floor.

At least two other staff tried to intervene and pacify both men until they stopped.

In this case, however, netizens declared the surgeon as the true winner.

He didn’t seem to mind the ruckus that was going on and just continued with the surgery; in what netizens described as an admirable show of professionalism.

Shanghaiist said police are now investigating the incident.

While an officer said the fight occurred after the surgery was completed and the patient had already been wheeled out of the room, netizens dismissed it as joke as the video clearly showed the patient was still on the operating table.