Pinoy couple facing jail over s*x out of wedlock charges in Dubai appeals conviction

Image from Emirates 24/7

A Filipino couple who was sentenced to imprisonment for engaging in alleged premarital s*x has denied the allegation and is appealing their conviction before the Dubai Misdemeanours Court.

The unnamed couple was convicted for s*x out of wedlock in April and was sentenced to three months in jail followed by deportation.

According to Gulf News, their relationship was brought to light after the 28-year-old Filipina suffered a miscarriage and was rushed to the hospital in December last year. She had an ectopic pregnancy.

When questioned about her husband, she told the hospital staff she was not married but was engaged to her 27-year-old Filipino partner.

The hospital immediately informed the police and took the man in custody, while the woman remained hospitalized.

Baseless and unfounded accusation

Following their conviction, the couple appealed the court’s decision; arguing they were married when the incident happened and they did not have an illicit affair.

“The suspects were a******d for having unmarried s*x … this is a baseless and unfounded accusation. My clients did not have s*x out of wedlock, on the contrary, they were married at the time when this happened. They need some time to notarize their marriage contract [which happened in the Philippines] before they submit a copy of it to court,” the couple’s lawyer, Eisa Bin Haider, told the court.

In her statement, the Filipina said she’d known her partner for 8 years in the Philippines; having hailed from the same province.

“He is the first man in my life,” she said; adding she only realized she was pregnant on the day of the incident after suffering labor pains.

Her partner also testified they’d known each other for years and the woman been living with her in a flat in Dubai Gardens.

The trial will continue in the coming days.