Pinoy sailor falls to his death at a container ship in Malta

Image from Times of Malta

A Filipino seaman died after falling from a four-deck height at a container ship docked in Malta Freeport for refueling on Thursday, June 22.

Local police said the incident took place Malta Freeport Terminals around 4:45 am as the crewmen of the Ravenna container ship were preparing for refueling operations.

The Times of Malta mentioned in its article that an ambulance was called to the site but the 57-year-old Filipino seafarer, who has not been named, died on the spot.

Freeport CEO Alex Montebello has released a statement on the incident; saying: “Everyone at Malta Freeport would like to express their deepest sympathies to the crew member’s family, friends and colleagues at this distressing time.”

“Although Malta Freeport was not involved in the refuelling operation, our duty manager was informed immediately and reacted promptly to ensure medical services were on the scene as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, however, nothing could be done to save the crew member’s life,” the statement added.

An inquiry to be led by Magistrate G. Mercieca is underway.

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