This Pinoy DJ in Thailand was called ‘gay’ by a woman for rejecting her advances; what he did will make you respect him

Images from Jon Valencia's Facebook post

Being able to resist temptation is truly an admirable quality of a man. It shows his character and the strong-willed spirit of not getting easily seduced by the flesh.

Take this Pinoy disc jockey Jon Valencia who shared on Facebook his encounter with a female foreigner who apparently had the hots for him.

Valencia said he was playing at a club in Thailand when he noticed three women – apparently Australian-looking – who have their eyes fixed on him the whole night. They send him drinks, which he accepted, but didn’t really think much about it.

The seduction

After finishing his set, he went to the washroom to relieve himself. As he was making his way to the exit, he met the three ladies and one of them quickly pulled him aside.

The lady, he said, wanted to kiss him while he was leaning against the wall, but he tried to stop her; saying: “You’re drunk, Miss, you guys should go home, the club is closed already.”

But the woman just won’t easily give up, Jon said. They followed him up the stairs and told him: “Take me with you, my boyfriend left me and im feeling h*rny right now.”

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