Tourist accidentally breaks bracelet, faints after seeing price tag

Image by Shanghaiist

Lovely to look at, nice to hold, but if you break it, consider it sold.

One unfortunate event happened to a Chinese tourist when she accidentally broke an incredibly expensive jade bracelet.

The woman, whose identity wasn’t disclosed, tried on the bracelet in a shop in the city of Ruili; a major jade trading centre. But when she took it off, it slipped from her hands and broke in two on the tiled floor, the report said.

When she was informed that the bracelet was worth 300,000 Yuan ($44,110), she had a panic attack. As bystanders tried to calm her down, her lips reportedly turned pale and moments later, she suddenly lost consciousness.

In a video, one man is shown applying pressure to her middle area of her upper lip, a traditional method of waking up those who have fainted.

Medical workers soon arrived and when they brought the woman to the hospital they found that there was nothing physically wrong with her.

The woman and the shop owner have not yet agreed on compensation as per reports.