[Video] Pinay caregiver caught on camera abusing 2-year-old special needs child

Image capture of video by Balitang America
  • A Pinay caregiver in California was caught on cam abusing a special needs child
  • The caregiver was seen hitting the boy with a rolled magazine
  • The boy’s parents filed a case against the nanny and her staffing agency

A Filipina caregiver in Redondo, California was arrested after she was caught on camera abusing a two-year-old child with special needs.

In the video of the incident shared by Balitang America, licensed vocational nurse Thelma Manalastas was seen hitting 2-year-old Landon Ko with a rolled magazine. Landon has Rubestein-Taybi Syndrome. He is blind in one eye, non-verbal and eats through a feeding tube.

The boy’s parents called the police after watching the incident live on a nanny camera app.

The police arrested Manalastas, who was also fired by her staffing agency Maxim Healthcare Services.

The parents filed a case against the staffing agency and Manalastas, who is currently out on bond and is scheduled to appear before a court on July 21.

Here’s the video of the incident as shared by TFCBalitangAmerica: (WARNING: Some viewers may found the content disturbing}

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