[Watch] The story behind the ‘Cyclops baby’ in Sultan Kudarat

Image capture from Kapuso Mo: Jessica Soho on YouTube

SULTAN KUDARAT — A baby with a single eye and without a nose was born in Udtong Lambayog, the weekly magazine show hosted by Jessica Soho featured on Sunday.

According to Kapuso Mo: Jessica Soho, the baby suffered from a condition called ‘cyclopia’ or ‘clyclocephaly’. It happens in every 100,000 newborn babies — to have a single eye and mostly they have no nose or mouth.

Babies suffering from cyclopia usually d*e immediately after birth.

But how did the featured baby get into such fate?

The coming of the first child of Pahmia and Omar Macalimpas brought happiness to the family, and the mother, as per the KMJS story, had a craving for pineapple.

On the second month of her pregnancy she admits experiencing some bleeding and went to a specialist for consultation, but was assured everything was normal.

The same happened on the sixth month but the ultra sound revealed that the face of the child was not clear. The doctor suspected something is wrong with the development and the child could d*e and even cause an infection to the mother. Sherefused to believe the doctor and just told them to do their best.

A month later, she suddenly gave birth and even heard the cry of her baby before she passed out.

After she regained consciousness, Pahmia asked for the baby but was only shown a picture via a cellphone because her baby ‘Pamela’ had already been buried. Her newborn died a few minutes after birth.

Pahmia suspects her craving for pineapple have caused cyclopia to her child but specialists are not in agreement.

In the show’s further investigation, they found out that Pahmia and her husband Orman are second cousins. Thus, there could’ve been a problem in the combination of their genes.

If Patricia hadlived, her parents said she’s still the most beautiful despite her disfigurement.

In 2009, as per an ABS CBN story, a woman in Sipalay City, Negros Occidental also gave birth to a baby girl with similar condition.

Cyclopia, according to a neurology website, is caused by holoprosencephaly, which is a failure of an embryo’s forebrain to subdivide the orbits of the eyes into two cavities during its development in the womb.

Watch the Kapuso Mo: Jessica Soho segment below: