Woman found d**d inside Walmart toilet 3 days after staff placed ‘out of order’ sign on door

Image from Crime Online/ Inside Edition video

Mystery surrounds the d***h of a woman who was discovered only three days after she was seen entering a toilet in Walmart in Oklahoma.

The victim, Katherine Caraway, was last seen on CCTV entering the store’s comfort room around 6 pm on Friday. A staff who found the toilet locked and assumed it was under maintenance put an ‘out of order’ sign on the front door.

On Monday, the toilet was opened and Caraway was found slumped on the floor, l******s.

Police said they have not found any indication of foul play in the incident but investigation is continuing. Also, it is not clear how the woman died or the time of her d***h.

“There was nothing suspicious that indicated her cause of d***h at the scene. So the medical examiner will have to determine it,” said Sand Springs Police Captain Todd Enzbrenner.

But police remain baffled why Caraway, originally from Texas, was at Walmart in Tulsa when she is living in the city of Muskogee, about 50 miles away.

The woman, apparently, had no connection to the area.

Report from Inside Edition: