10-year-old boy accidentally discovers a fossil – that dates back over a million years – while playing!

Image capture of video by nmsunews via YouTube

Little Jude Sparks certainly did not expect to fall face to face with an elephant skeleton. But chance has made things right!

While his parents were cycling a little further, Jude, 10, and his brothers were having fun with their walkie-talkies.  When suddenly, Jude did not see the obstacle on the ground; hence, he stumbled.

Jude fell right on his face and when he opened his eyes, he was staring at the remains of a one-million-year-old elephant-like creature.

His initial thought was that it was a carcass of a big fat cow.

“I was running farther up and I tripped on part of the tusk. My face landed next to the bottom jaw. I look farther up and there was another tusk,” Jude said via KESQ.

Rather than trying to dig up the fossil themselves, Jude’s parents decided to consult a specialist and turned to the University of New Mexico, where Dr. Peter Houde confirmed their discovery.

No, it was not a cow, but a Stegomastodon skull dating back over a million years!

After seeking permission from the landowner, a team of archaeologists was able to unearth the ancestor of the elephants with care.

Jude Sparks will have realized the dream of many children: play explorer and discover old mysterious bones.

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