After an error in supermarket signage, young person purchases 235 deodorants for the price of one!

Image by El Solde Mexico

A young man took 235 deodorants for the price of one — all because of a mistake on a sign in a supermarket in Mexico.

Juan de Dios Partido shared the unusual story on his social networks.

The young man went to the Arteli supermarket, located in Altamira, Mexico and passing through the deodorant section he was surprised with his find.

“All deodorants at 39.90 Mexican pesos,” said the poster, which did not clarify that the price was per unit.

Without doubting it twice, Partido shoved all the deodorants in a shopping cart and went to pay at the cash register. However, when asked to validate the offer, the cashier refused and so did the manager of the store plus another senior executive.

Then, the young man presented the case to the Federal Consumer’s Office, making sure to bring photos of the sign,  and after three days, a female representative accompanied him to the business to make the purchase.

You see, the consumer protection agency told him that the store would have to honor the sale price — all 235 containers for 39.90 pesos.

Image by elintransigente

Finally, the young man managed to take the 235 deodorants for just 39 Mexican pesos. In normal situations, he would have had to pay 9,000 Mexican Pesos.

What a bargain!

Image by Partido via El Cinco