Ambag pa more: NBI investigating 4 Pastor Hokage suspects amid complaints

Image from NBI, Pastor Hokage's Facebook account
  • NBI said it is probing four suspects connected to Pastor Hokage FB groups
  • It also said more women coming out to file complaints against perpetrators
  • Violators also warned of stiff penalties under country’s anti-voyeurism laws

MANILA, Philippines  –  The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has begun probing four suspects involved with the Pastor Hokage Facebook groups amid a rising number of complaints from their victims.

While not giving details on the suspects’ identities or whereabouts, Atty. Francis Senora of the NBI Cybercime Division said administrators and members of these groups cannot just trample on the rights of their victims by spreading their pictures and videos without their consent.

“May mga karapatan itong mga babae  na ito, na ang kanilang privacy at ang mga intimate moments ay hindi natin basta-basta ipo-post sa Internet or i-share sa public,” he told News5.

[These women have rights, that their privacy and intimate moments cannot be posted on the Internet or shared in public just like that.]

“Having your own account in social media does not provide you a power to step on the rights and privacy of other individuals,” he added. “We should use Internet responsibly.”

Senora also warned perpetrators that they could face up to 12 years in prison for violating the country’s Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act.

The existence of these groups where members would share compromising photos and videos of their victims came to light after several reports by concerned groups and citizens.

Most often, members of these groups would use biblical terms and encourage their peers to share their “ambag” or contribution of lewd media.

Public uproar over their activities have prompted authorities to track down the perpetrators, with even the Senate vowing to lead an inquiry into the matter.

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