Are you afraid that you smell bad? This new gadget warns you when you are smelly!

Image by Der Standard

Summer, sport, sweat … Smelling bad is usually one of the main concerns of a human being.

Getting to work sweating and thinking that there is a long day’s work ahead does not help much.

So, before others talk about you, better stop the suspicions and check first if you smell bad.

A Japanese tech company will begin selling a device that allows people to self-test their sweaty exteriors for smell.

As per a The Guardian story, the Kunkun Body which was launched on Thursday consists of a discreet detector that connects to your phone through an app and alerts you when your personal odor emissions have become noxious.

The device detects welding smell and warns the producers via a smartphone app that it might be the time to shower or apply deodorant.

The idea is from Daisuke Koda who works at Konica Minolta’s Innovation Center.

He said he came up with the idea when he was having a chat with his male colleagues; all of whom are 40 years old. They were discussing the increasingly intense summer heat and confided in each other that they sometimes were afraid of how they smelled.

Speaking to The Guardian, Koda said, “We were looking for a tool to measure body odor, and we found out that there was no instrument reporting different odors. As this could be a new business opportunity, we took action and deepened our research.”

Kunkun Body already started a crowd-funding campaign where it is believed that it could have great success since the Japanese are especially sensitive to odors . However, the company has no plans yet to launch it in other markets.

Watch how the device works here.