Could there be more stylish airline uniforms than these?

Image from Hainan Airlines
  • China’s Hainan Airlines partners with designer Laurence Xu to create uniforms for their flight attendants
  • Xu creates haute couture uniform designs launched in the Paris Couture Week
  • The uniforms were of Eastern and Western style mix

Flight attendants always look fabulous. But a Chinese airline has taken it notches higher for them as they were given haute couture outfits for their uniform.

Hainan Airlines has collaborated with celebrated designer Laurence Xu and came up with a stylish and elegant uniform that was actually launched in the Paris Couture Week.

The uniform was inspired by the traditional Chinese dress called “Cheongsam”, which features oriental designs like skies, flowers and birds.

But since Hainan Airlines want to highlight its international presence in the industry, Xu brought in a Western twist to the Chinese-themed dresses.

The stewardess’ uniform comes with gray cover ups like a blazer or a coat or even some slightly revealing dress over a dress.

“We are not only creating a new uniform but also showing the internationalised image of our airline. Especially on international routes, we would like to let passengers know that China is modern and trendy,” the carrier’s brand director Xu Fei was quoted in a story by Metro.

Here’s a look at the stunning designs:

Image from Hainan Airlines
Image from Hainan Airlines

Image from Hainan Airlines
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