Drunk Pinay in Singapore who puked in a cab jailed for hitting the driver and refusing to pay full fare

Image from The New Paper

A Filipina in Singapore has been sentenced to five (5) weeks in jail for refusing to pay her taxi fare and attacking the driver after an argument.

The Straits Times identified the woman as Marie Antonette Buhain Llagas, 41 years old and holder of permanent residence.

The incident happened in December 2015 but the sentence was only handed last Wednesday, July 19.

According to the newspaper, Llagas boarded a taxi being driven by Chua Cheng Hwa, 47, along Mosque Street on December 21 and asked to be taken to Pasir Ris Drive 10.

Llagas, who was drunk at that time, threw up inside the taxi and agreed to pay the driver $50 in compensation as the cab needs to be cleaned. She also offered to clean the stains.

When the cab reached her destination, she got off the cab and walked towards her boyfriend who was waiting for her, without paying the $24.90 fare nor the promised $50. But Mr. Chua followed them into the elevator demanding the payment.

Llagas then promised to pay the driver $24.90 but refused to give the $50, and offered to clean up the taxi. She also told Chua to wait for her at the ground floor.

She only gave $20

After a few minutes, she went down without any cleaning equipment and just handed 2 pieces $10 notes to Chua, before leaving in haste with her boyfriend.

The driver again went after the couple and an argument ensued. Llagas hit Chua who tried to record the confrontation; causing the latter’s phone to fall to the floor.

She then hit him with her shoes several times.

Fines could be more stiff

In sentencing, District Judge Eugene Teo took into account that the victim was not seriously hurt and Llagas was remorseful and apologetic over the incident.

“From the cases, it ought to become clear that it really does not matter who you are, local or foreign, rich or poor, have family to support or not, because if you behave this way, you can expect to receive an appropriately stiff sentence even if you are a first offender,” the judge said.

Llagas was sentenced to 5 weeks in jail and was ordered to pay $500 for the offense.

The Straits Times said she could have been slapped with up to 2 years in jail plus $6000 in penalties for both offense had the court not been considerate towards the defendant.