Ex bride-to-be calls off wedding a week before event, invites homeless to reception instead

Image by Sarah Cummins via Twitter and Salve Juris

A woman and her fiancé had planned everything for their wedding: a sumptuous reception room in Indiana, and most importantly a cater for a 170-seater dinner which was non-refundable.

Unfortunately, just a week before their supposed-to-be momentous event, Sarah Cummins called off her wedding with her fiance, Logan Araujo. The reason for their breakup remain private though.

After organizing their marriage for two years, Sarah said she’s so devastated.

“I called everybody, I canceled, I apologized, I cried, I contacted all the suppliers, and I began to feel bad about having to throw all that food,” she told the IndyStar.

In agreement with her ex-fiancé, Sarah decided to offer their supposed-to-be wedding dinner to the homeless in the area.

Sarah even rented two buses to pick up the homeless at the shelters and take them to the venue on the weekend.

The room will be decorated as planned, but there will be no tables for the bridal party or tables where to lay the cake and gifts.

As for the menu, it will remain the same: meatballs with Bourbon, bruschetta with garlic and goat cheese, chicken breast with Chardonnay sauce and artichokes.

After doing her good deed, the ex-bride-to-be will fly with her mother to the Dominican Republic, where she was supposed to spend her honeymoon.