Female uses first aid technique she learned from “Hunger Games” to save a friend from possibly bleeding to d***h

Photo from Flickr

The ‘Hunger Games’ might only be a New York Times best-selling book for some, but a female from Massachusetts used one of the techniques mentioned in the book to actually cure a friend from possibly bleeding to d***h.

According to an article from Gloucester Times, a group of preteen went playing in a marshland near their Rockport homes when Mackenzie George (12) slipped against a metal pump and cut her leg open.

The teen, at that time, tried to fetch a pair of shoes that was left on the side of the swamp but a piece of metal was enclosed on the side leading to the accident.

The accident left her with a 10-inch long, 3-inch wide cut; blood pouring out. Her fellow, named Megan Gething (12), used a technique she viewed from the movie adaptation of the hit novel ‘Hunger Games’ — the technique called as “torniquet method.”

Gething, as soon as the scene from the movie flashed back into her mind, started putting what she have watched into action. She tied a pair of shorts around George’s leg to stop the blood flow.

Likewise, as per Times, she asked another friend Zoe Tallgrass to run for help.

Three minutes later, Tallgras came back with her father and brother and carried the injured teen to their backyard to wait for an ambulance to take her to the hospital.

The 12-year old teen was transferred to Boston Children’s Hospital where a surgery was performed.