Flashing LED eyelashes is the future of Fashion

Image by Your EDM

Now LED eyelashes is emerging as a new trend after LED pendants and LED bracelets.

For those who swear by fake eyelash extensions, there’s something to get you grooving while on a night out of crazy clubbing. This trend was started by designer, Tien Pham.

The LED F.Lashes are color-changing strip eyelashes that come in blue, green, light blue, pink, red, white and yellow.

According to the crowd-funding website Kickstarter, these lashes are “Fine, Fresh, Fierce”. Also called as f.lashes, the designers have described the items as the next level up in wearable electronic and interactive cosmetics.

The product is powered by a controller which contains a small cell battery; similar to the ones found in watches. The controller is pasted at the back of your head so that you can easily hide it if you have long hair.

According to In The Know, F.lashes started off as a Halloween project with Pham’s co-inventor, Davey Taylor, when Pham asked Taylor if it was possible to incorporate tiny LEDS into a costume.

They worked on the project in Davey’s basement during their spare time.

“The reaction has been unbelievable,” Pham said. “Both Davey and I are awestruck by the response to our F.lashes.”

Check out the video to learn more and to get a glimpse of your new dance club future.