Hilarious moment Dad finds out his 5-year-old daughter has a boyfriend!

Image capture of video by Michaela Cox via Facebook

A 5-year-old girl is trending in social networks after revealing to her father that, at a young age, she already has a boyfriend.

The video, which was uploaded on Facebook by Michaela Cox, has been viewed more than 4.7 million times and has received over 12,000 comments! Wow!

The dad, named as Quis, was clearly surprised and tickled at the same time by the scenario his adorable daughter Daliyah was explaining to him that she already has a boyfriend named Cameron.

In the video, Quis was having a conversation with little Daliyah, who confessed that their relationship had started just a few days before. Of course, she never thought of asking her dad’s permission to start with a romance.

“Who the hell is Cameron?” the father asked; clearly unsure whether to laugh or cry at such a revelation. “Who told you that you could have a boyfriend?” he continues.

The unbelieving father does not get out of his astonishment and continues to seek answers. He even asked the girl what is the ideal age she considers for a woman to have a boyfriend. “At the age of 20,” Daliyah replied.

‘So how old is you?’ he further asked; to which his daughter replied: “‘Five.'”

‘That’s a long damn way off,’ he said.

Without a doubt, meeting the man who stole his daughter’s heart is one of the most difficult times in a father’s life, and this video from YouTube shows a tender and funny way for that situation.

Despite being originally uploaded on April 20 via Facebook, the clip continues to amuse netizens.

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