In Bulacan, again: 13-year-old boy allegedly k****d 5-year-old girl, then carried her body inside a sack

Image capture from ABS-CBN's YouTube video
  • Five-year-old girl in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan found d**d in grassy area of barangay
  • Her remains have been discovered inside a rice sack
  • CCTV footage showed her following 13-year-old neighbor into his house, him carrying a sack afterwards
  • Police have a******d the 13-year-old, to investigate if the victim was also raped

MANILA, Philippines  –  The city of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan has been rocked yet again with another shocking crime — this time involving the killing of a 5-year-old girl allegedly committed by her 13-year-old neighbor over the weekend.

The victim, “Mika”, was recorded in her final moments by a CCTV following the 13-year-old who was her playmate’s older brother into the cellar of their house in Brgy. Kaypian.

Sometime later, the teen sans Mika can be seen walking out of their house while carrying a filled-up rice sack.

A search team later discovered the sack in a grassy and secluded portion of the barangay. Inside was the 5-year-old’s remains, as well as cable wires and a bag strap around her neck.

Police have since a******d the teen boy, with San Jose del Monte police chief Supt. Fitz Macariola describing him as a good student with no history of drug use or violent behavior.

“Di siya nag-aadmit doon sa crime. ‘Pag tintatanong siya tungkol doon ay umiiyak lang siya. Masasabi nating good student, bahay-school lang ‘yung activity. Wala siyang tendency. ‘Di siya na-observe ng kapitbahay na ganun,” he told ABS-CBN.

[He is not admitting to the crime. When we ask him about it he just cries. You can say he is a good student, his activities are limited to home and school. He has no tendency. Neighbors have not observed him to be otherwise.]

Authorities are also investigating whether Mika was raped due to the presence of bruises in her genitals, as well as a foreign object in her anal area.

Mika’s grieving family are calling for justice, with her mother saying she did not deserve to d*e that way.

Last June, the city was also shaken by the m******e of five family members.

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