In third complaint: Deniece Cornejo claims Vhong Navarro drugged and raped her

Image from OFW saan ka man sa mundo's Facebook account
  • Model claimed actor drugged and raped her inside her condo unit last January 17, 2014
  • She said Navarro tried to r**e her a second time five days later
  • She also pointed said mistakes in earlier complaints’ due to her trauma and haste to indict Navarro

MANILA, Philippines  –  Broadcast journalist Tony Calvento has shared the third complaint-affidavit filed by Deniece Cornejo against Vhong Navarro in his Facebook account; amid speculation of an impending resolution by the Department of Justice (DOJ) over the matter.

In her complaint, Cornejo alleged that Navarro drugged and raped her inside her condominium unit in Forbeswood, BGC, Taguig City last January 17, 2014.

According to the model, the actor had invited her to hang out with him but insisted they won’t go outside to avoid rumors. She said that they decided to have dinner at her unit along with her female friend to keep her company.

When the friend didn’t arrive, Cornejo said she asked Navarro to leave — but not before he had her drink some wine he brought.

“After a short while, I once again politely asked the Respondent to leave. Respondent pleaded with me to let him stay longer and even made jokes about sleeping over. I replied by saying, ‘No, di na talaga pwede,’” she recounted. “At this point, I started feeling dizzy. I felt my head spinning, and I realized that I found it difficult to move. I wondered why I felt that way, considering that I only took a sip from the glass of wine offered by the Respondent.”

It was at this point that Cornejo said Navarro began molesting her. During this time, she was also able to text her friend Cedric Lee about the harassment.

Eventually, the model said the actor overpowered and raped her in her bedroom and left —at which point she also texted another friend — Ferdinand Guerrero — that she had been raped.

Thereafter, Lee visited and offered to help Cornejo file a complaint with the police. Three days later, Cornejo said she visited a doctor and was diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis — the cause of which she attributed to Navarro’s assault.

Then on January 22, 2014, Cornejo said Navarro — after contacting her — went to her unit again purportedly to apologize. She claimed, however, that the actor attempted to r**e her again but was restrained by Lee and his companions who were also nearby.

She also claimed that they later managed to confiscate from the actor date r**e drugs during the scuffle, which they turned over to the police.

As to the matter of the first complaints, Cornejo explained she committed some mistakes in recounting the incident because of her trauma and desire to quickly indict Navarro. She said her lawyers attempted to rectify this mistake but were railroaded by the investigating prosecutor.

“Because of this, my lawyers tried to withdraw the complaint affidavit to be able to file a corrected one but the investigating prosecutor hastened to resolve the case,” she said.

Full complaint; courtesy of Tony Calvento via Facebook album.

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