Jinggoy seeks medical furlough anew

Image from PNI News

MANILA, Philippines  –  Detained former senator Jinggoy Estrada has asked the Sandiganbayan 5th Division for a two-day furlough to examine abnormalities in his intestine.

In an interview with reporters on Monday before his plunder trial started, Estrada said his doctor advised him to undergo video colonoscopy at Cardinal Santos Medical Center as soon as possible due to ‘elevated levels of CEA’.

“The doctor advised me to undergo colonoscopy, up and down, gastroscopy tsaka [and] colonoscopy… Mayroon lang mga [There are ] elevated blood test na nakita [observed], abnormalities din [too],” Estrada said.

“As far as all my blood chemistries are concerned, normal naman [they are all normal],” the former lawmaker added.

Estrada filed the motion for furlough; saying the procedure may only take 30 to 60 minutes but requires 24 hours for preparation and post-procedure observations

In May, the Sandiganbayan granted Estrada’s request to undergo MRI and X-ray at the same hospital after complaining of extreme pain in his right shoulder.

Meanwhile, the scheduled plunder trial on Monday has been moved again to a latter date after the prosecution and the defense failed to agree on the pre-trial order (PTO) documents which Estrada earlier refused to sign.