Kin of OFW whose remains arrived wrapped in plastic, unembalmed almost a month after her death cries for justice

Image from Teresa Queddeng's Facebook account

MANILA, Philippines  –  The family of Teresa Queddeng, a 38-year-old overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Kuwait who died last month, is crying for justice over the alleged ‘manhandling’ of her remains.

Queddeng, who had been working for only 4 months in the Middle East, died last June 22 in Kuwait and her death certificate said she succumbed to heart attack.

Her remains finally arrived last July 14 but the family were shocked to discover the victim was simply wrapped in a plastic sheet, unembalmed and with her organs missing.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Queddeng’s son Valerry accused his mother’s manpower agency of manhandling her remains after being assured they will take care of her body before shipping it back to the Philippines.

“Nagulat po kami kasi hindi man lang naembalsamo. Sabi po nila maayos saka nasa kabaong pero nasa plastic lang. Tapos hindi man lang sinabi sa amin na tatanggalin ang organs niya,” Valerry said.

[We were shocked because my mom was not even embalmed. They promised us she will be shipped in a coffin, but the body was merely wrapped in a plastic. They did not even tell us the organs would be removed.]

The funeral parlor who processed the victim’s body in the Philippines said it was already decomposing.

The husband, Ernesto, believes there is foul play in his wife’s death as he noticed some choke marks on her.

The family is now seeking justice for Queddeng’s death and appealed to authorities for investigation.

Meanwhile, the agency, Horas Human Recruitment Agency, said they are ready to give financial assistance to the family and help them with the OWWA claims.

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