Kiray Celis Shows Off Her Bikini Body

Image capture from Kiray Celis via Instagram

Kiray Celis is not ashamed to flaunt her bikini body. The Kapamilya actress posted several photos of her wearing bikini on Instagram this week.

In the photos, Kiray is seen wearing a red backless one-piece swimsuit, along with high-waist shorts. In the pic, she’s standing on a boat enjoying her vacation.

She has also shared several photos of her in bikini while enjoying her time with rumored beau, Kirst Viray. Of course, her confidence in her skin was met with some criticisms. The display of her skin had been a subject of discussion by her detractors.

The Kapamilya comedian shrugged it off and chose to stay funny with her response. Instead of getting mad, she said: “Nagpost ako na nasa beach. Tapos naka shorts ako pero kita kuyukot ko. Bakit daw kita pwet ko? ANO BA! Nasa beach nga diba? Naka shorts na nga ako! Paano papala kung nagpanty pa ako? OH ETO! MORE PWET PA PARA SAINYO! ?”

[I posted I was on a beach photo. I was in shorts, but a part of my behind shows. They asked why. SO WHAT? “I’m at the beach! I’m wearing shorts! What more if I wore panties instead? Oh, here. More of my behind just for you!]

Bold and tough, her followers praised her confidence.

Here is one comment from her followers from the ABS-CBN report: