Kris Aquino gets a ‘pasalubong’ from ex-husband’s partner

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  • Actress Kris Aquino received a “pasalubong” from her ex-husband James Yap’s current partner
  • Michaela “Mic” Cazzola gave Aquino a Piero Guidi clutch, telling the later that it is a gift from her hometown
  • James and Mic had an Italian holiday with their Baby MJ last June 

Actress Kris Aquino received a “pasalubong” from her ex-husband James Yap’s current partner, Michaela “Mic” Cazzola.

On Instagram, the Queen of All Media shared a photo of the Piero Guidi clutch that was given to her by Mic.

“A little something from my hometown,” Mic wrote on the gift’s card.

“A lovely and thoughtful gesture,” Kris captioned the Instagram photo.

James and Mic had an Italian holiday with their Baby MJ last June.

Friendship with Mic

Being the past and the present of the same man has not been a hindrance for Kris and Mic, who have managed to become good friends.

In October 22, 2016, Kris shared that her son Bimby finally met his newborn brother; the son of James and Mic. Kris said Mic made carbonara for Bimby and baked Italian chocolate pie for their snack.

“There’s no perfect formula for mothering except to do it with love. I am grateful that today we gave our sons the opportunity to meet and hopefully have genuine bonding as brothers. Because in the end, the good men we are able to raise will be products of our guidance and unconditional love as mothers,” Kris expressed after their meeting.

Last year also, Bimby and Kris’ and other son Josh attended the birthday celebration of Mic.

Kris posted: “It was a 20-hour workday for me–so fulfilling to again be surrounded by my longtime print, glam, and event styling team, people I trust, respect, and love. And getting to know my new work team, and feeling good that our getting to know you process is progressing at a comfortable pace. Today was Mic’s birthday (same birthday as my sister Viel, my friend @harlenebau, and Ma’am Charo) and she invited Kuya Josh & Bimb to join them for her intimate, family birthday dinner. I heard this song Blended Family (What You do for Love) by @aliciakeys on Apple music and it felt perfect for today.”

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