Look! Adorable Elephant does a headstand in water, draws cheers from the crowd

Image by ScenicOregon via Facebook

Did you know that elephants love to play in the water? Well, if not all, this one is in the spotlight for its water play.

Samudra, the Elephant, was caught on camera wading in the water and tried on what looks like a headstand!

A one-minute clip shared by the Oregon Zoo shows Samudra entering the pool and appearing to playfully stand on his head as onlookers clap and cheer him on for his extraordinary stunt.

While all of Samudra’s videos are popular on social media, this one has been viewed over 1.4 million times and has been shared more than 41,000 times.

“That’s Awesome! It’s fun to see animals have a good time next week feel good. What Beautiful name for beautiful elephant!” writes one user on Facebook.

“Oh wow that’s so cool. Like a giant kid playing in the pool. Love how she did a head stand and stood there waiting for her treat. Love it!!,” says another.

Seeing playful Samudra could only bring smiles to your faces!

Watch Samudra’s adorable video by Kathy Street as shared by Oregon Zoo  here:

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